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BD Blood Info is a online blood donor directory in Bangladesh Where donar and recipient in the same umbrella. BD Blood Info is a donor network for saving lives.

Health News From BBC World

Kenya could miss Rio over Zika fears
Kenya could pull out of the Rio Olympics if the Zika virus reaches epidemic levels, says the president of their Olympic committee.
No safe way to suntan, experts warn
There is no safe or healthy way to get a tan from sunlight, new guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) warns.
Mutant sperm-factories spread in testes
Mutant sperm-factories spread in men's testicles as they age to increase the risk of children with genetic diseases, researchers have shown.
Flashes of light may stop jet lag
Exposure to short flashes of light at night could help travellers adjust to new time zones and avoid jet lag, according to scientists.
Obama to request $1.8bn to fight Zika
The White House says it will ask US Congress for $1.8bn (£1.25bn) in emergency funding to combat the Zika virus, which is spreading through the Americas.
VIDEO: Smartpatch aims to put snoring to bed
The Silent Partner claims to have come up with a solution for those sleeping with someone who snores.
Cosmetic surgery ops on the rise
There was a sharp increase in the popularity of cosmetic surgery in the UK in 2015, figures show.
India cancer survivor brings joy to destitute children
The cancer survivor bringing joy to destitute children
Zika virus fails to spoil carnival
Millions of people celebrate the first day of the annual carnival festivities across Brazil despite concerns about the recent Zika virus outbreak.
Can you save lives with 'big data'?
Can you save lives by analysing huge amounts of data?
FGM victims to get mental health care
Mental health services will be developed for victims of female genital mutilation in England, the government says.
Recovering from an acid attack
How Natalia's confidence was rebuilt after an acid attack
Do e-cigarettes make it harder to stop smoking?
Is it really harder to stop smoking if you use e-cigarettes?
Hollywood tackles concussion head-on
New Will Smith movie tackles head injuries in sport
Zika 'linked to nerve disorder deaths'
Colombia says three people have died after contracting the Zika virus and developing a rare nerve disorder.
First Zika pregnancy case in Europe
Spain confirms that a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with the Zika virus - the first such case in Europe.
How unhealthy is three-and-a-half years indoors?
How unhealthy is three-and-a-half years indoors?
Brazil declares 'war' on Zika virus
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff declares war on mosquitoes responsible for spreading the Zika virus in a recorded TV message to the nation.
VIDEO: Colombia - Zika infections will rise
Zika infections will rise, plateau and then fall in Colombia, says President Juan Manuel Santos.
Bed-bug DNA scanned for vulnerabilities
Scientists have sequenced the entire genome of the bed bug to help work out how to eliminate the pest, which has been developing resistance to existing insecticide sprays.

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Why you should donate blood?

Approximately every minute of every day, someone in Bangladesh needs blood. One blood donation - in just one hour - can save up to three lives.