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BD Blood Info is a online blood donor directory in Bangladesh Where donar and recipient in the same umbrella. BD Blood Info is a donor network for saving lives.

Health News From BBC World

Ovarian transplants are 'safe option'
Ovarian transplants are a safe and effective way for women who have had cancer to have their own children, a study suggests.
Fast-tracked skin cancer drug approved
A new drug for advanced skin cancer should be made available on the NHS in England, a health body has recommended.
Councils reject 1 in 3 for care
Two-thirds of older and disabled people who turn to their local councils in England for help with care are turned away, figures show.
What different countries say about assisted dying
What different countries say about assisted dying
UK end-of-life care 'best in world'
End-of-life care in the UK has been ranked as the best in the world with a study praising the quality and availability of services.
VIDEO: Study praises UK end-of-life care
The UK provides the best care in the world for people nearing the end of their lives, according to a new study.
VIDEO: California passes right-to-die bill
California is to be the fifth American state to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives, legally.
California enacts right-to-die law
California has joined four other US states that allow terminally ill patients to legally to end their lives with a doctor's supervision.
VIDEO: German donor meets transplant girl
A donor from Germany who was a perfect match for a girl whose life was saved by a bone marrow transplant has come to Warwickshire to meet her.
Work that won Nobel Prize for medicine 2015
A look at the work that won this year's Nobel Prize in medicine
MSF 'disgust' at Afghan hospital claims
The charity Medecins Sans Frontieres says it is "disgusted" by Afghan government justifications for Saturday's attack on its hospital in Kunduz.
VIDEO: Nobel Prize rewards parasite research
The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been split two ways for groundbreaking work on parasitic diseases.
Nobel Prize for anti-parasite drugs
The Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine has been awarded to two teams for their groundbreaking work on parasitic diseases.
VIDEO: Unusual tools to make clean water in Kenya
Drinking dirty water is a reality for many around the world. One company has teamed up with NGOs to trial a unique device that uses salt and a car battery try tackle this
Asthma steroids 'could stunt growth'
Young children given asthma medication before the age of two may not grow to their full height in later life, a preliminary report suggests.
VIDEO: Turning to blogs not doctors for anorexia
The Children's Commissioner for England is concerned that young people with mental health issues are turning to the web for advice.
VIDEO: Suicides among young Iraqis rising
Activists are warning of a rise in suicides among young people in Iraq.
Study supports cancer link with height
A Swedish study of five million people appears to support the theory that height and cancer risk are linked.
Female surgeons 'face hostility'
Operating theatres are a "hostile environment for women", one of the country's leading female surgeons has told the BBC.
'Good bacteria' key to stopping asthma
Being exposed to "good bacteria" early in life could prevent children developing asthma, say US scientists.

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Why you should donate blood?

Approximately every minute of every day, someone in Bangladesh needs blood. One blood donation - in just one hour - can save up to three lives.