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BD Blood Info is a online blood donor directory in Bangladesh Where donar and recipient in the same umbrella. BD Blood Info is a donor network for saving lives.

Health News From BBC World

Blood test for Down's syndrome hailed
Testing a pregnant woman's blood for disorders in her unborn child promises 'dramatic' advances in medicine, say researchers.
Paracetamol ‘no good for back pain'
Paracetamol is ineffective at treating back pain and osteoarthritis despite being a recommended treatment, a group of Australian researchers warns.
VIDEO: Could existing drugs offer MS hope?
Depression and heart-disease drugs are to be tested in a trial to find treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from existing medicines.
MS drug 'may already be out there'
Depression and heart disease drugs are to be tested in a new trial to find treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
VIDEO: Clive James 'thankful for life'
Five years after being diagnosed with terminal leukaemia, Australian broadcaster and poet Clive James says he is near to death but thankful for life.
Uganda circumcision truck fights HIV
Uganda circumcision truck fights HIV
Chikungunya revives herbal remedies in Antigua
Antigua sees revival of natural remedies
The Bolivian women who knit parts for hearts
The Bolivian women knitting a high-tech medical device
VIDEO: Bolivia's life-saving knitters
An army of Bolivian knitters is helping to save children with a hole in the heart.
Guinea declares Ebola 'emergency'
Guinean President Alpha Conde has declared a 45-day "health emergency" in five regions in the west and southwest of the Ebola-hit nation.
VIDEO: Military healthcare worker free of Ebola
Cpl Anna Cross, the British military healthcare worker who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, is now free of the disease, as Hugh Pym reports.
VIDEO: How one US school is battling obesity
Newsround reporter Ricky visited the United States to see how a school in Philadelphia is tackling obesity.
Office workers 'too sedentary'
Office workers need to get up and move around more, according to a new campaign.
Fitness linked to lower cancer risk
Very fit men in their late 40s are less likely to get lung cancer and colorectal cancer than unfit men, a study in JAMA Oncology suggests.
First Europe non-beating heart swap
Surgeons in Cambridgeshire perform the first heart transplant in Europe using a non-beating heart.
Indiana emergency for HIV 'epidemic'
The governor of Indiana has declared a public health emergency and authorised a needle exchange programme, after an HIV outbreak "reached epidemic proportions" in part of the state.
DNA of 'an entire nation' assessed
The genetic code of "an entire nation" has effectively been deduced, say researchers in Iceland.
Ebola 'more deadly' in young children
Ebola is more deadly for young children than adults, an analysis in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests.
Why I consumed my own blood
Unlocking the power of blood
Has Ebola focus led to other killer diseases being ignored?
Has Ebola caused other killer diseases in Africa to be ignored?

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Why you should donate blood?

Approximately every minute of every day, someone in Bangladesh needs blood. One blood donation - in just one hour - can save up to three lives.